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Schwinn Electric Bicycle Battery

Battery / May 10, 2017

schwinn tailwind bike profile photoPhoto by Jaymi Heimbuch

Schwinn has put out a very cool electric assist bike using battery technology created exclusively for this bike by Toshiba.

Read on to watch a video demonstration. *Note: You can click through to YouTube to view the video in high quality format*
Schwinn Tailwind:

The downside about this is that the battery relies on 100% plug-in power...no recharging by pedaling. The upside is that electric assist may encourage and enable more people to bike. The battery is about 6 lbs, and detaches so you can take it inside with you when you lock up your bike, and recharge it at work or at home.

A full charge takes only 30 minutes of plug-in time. This quick-charging battery technology is from Toshiba, and is used exclusively for this bike.

You can also extend the charge by using only the amount of assist you need. And of course you can ride it as a regular bike when you don't need any assist at all.

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