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A2B Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycles / August 8, 2020

E-bikes are incredibly smooth to ride and really take the stress and strain out of cycling, whether you journey by bike or cycle as a hobby.

The extra power allows you to do things regular bicycles can’t - the extra speed and acceleration means you can get away from junctions at traffic lights easily, perfect for the stop-start-stop-start city commute, and match the speed of surrounding traffic reducing the chances of an accident. The power means you can also concentrate on the traffic around you more, and stay safe. That’s why they used by police forces.

Health Benefits
The health benefits of electric bikes are significant. Riding an electric bike is good exercise, in fact better exercise than a regular bike if it encourages you to get out more on it, which most e-bikers do. Riding an electric bike is so exhilarating that it’s easy to forget you are exercising, like playing sports. You can get out for an inspiring 100 mile ride, something that very few people able to do on a regular bike.

Explore Further

A whole new world of destinations becomes available, enabling you to reach places that would normally require a strenuous hike, or car, to get to otherwise. You can plan longer and more ambitious rides, choosing to use your own pedal power on the way if you wish, knowing you can cruise home with more support if you need it. An e-bike also assists you when carrying heavier loads than you would normally cycle with, making your journey easier and more comfortable.

For commuters, the motor makes light work of the cycle to work meaning you don’t arrive a sweaty mess, don’t have to pack a spare change of (creased) clothes and don’t have to shower at either end. This saves you a lot of time and hassle. Folding e-bikes are the commuters dream, light, portable yet powerful enough to get you to your destination cool, calm and on time.

On longer journeys, an electric bike means you don’t tire so easily so you’re more alert and arrive at your destination quicker, ready for the day ahead. E-bikes really are the best and fastest way to travel.


E-bikes are zero-emissions vehicles as they emit no combustion by-products. Even taking into account the environmental effects of manufacture, e-bikes will have significantly lower environmental impact than conventional automobiles and are environmentally desirable in an urban environment. They have the added benefit of improving traffic flows as travel faster than bicycles and can over time reduce overall traffic volumes.

Source: www.wearea2b.com