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Electric Bicycles / April 10, 2020

Pedego CruisingWe gave them a good work out last week on the stunning Hawea River Track, riding from the Good Rotations shop around the Lake Outlet to the lakeshore in Hawea and back again. The Pedegos performed admirably, with the 15ah battery version doing the 45kms with energy to spare, and the 10ah version just running out as we got back to the shop. A pretty good performance, as we rode them rather lazily to put them to a ‘real conditions’ test!

The only stumbling block were the slightly ill-conceived steps onto one side of the swing bridge over the river. Fine with a light non-electric bike for the agile and fit, but probably a limitation for the many potential cyclists who would otherwise use this great track more. A bit of grappling and the Pedegos were onto the bridge, but it could definitely be a little more user friendly! Sporty cyclists might not agree, but it would be nice if anyone could make the journey easily.

All in all the Pedego Commuter makes a pretty sweet trail/gravel road commuter: the Schwalbe Balloon tyres give plenty of cushioning and decent grip. You could easily run a fast rolling trail tyre for a bit more edge grip in the loose surface. We’d probably switch out the sumptuous saddle for something more streamlined for regular use, but it certainly has sofa-like properties! The rear rack fits our Ortlieb panniers well and the built in lights came in very useful on the final stretch home.

Come and visit us for a test ride, or hire one for a day or two and see how an e-bike can fit into your daily routine. If you decide to buy, we’ll take any hire cost off the purchase price. Come try us for electric bike hire in Wanaka. The world is sweet from a bicycle seat!