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Electric Bicycles / July 15, 2021

IMPORTANT: San Diego Electric Bike Co. will not be liable for any damage or injury that may occur due to operation of our kits or bicycles (Purchases or Rentals). We will not be responsible for Battery Damage due to Inadequate Installation or Improper Charging.

WARRANTY (by Manufacturer)
ProdecoTech, all others Manufactured eBikes and Conversions Kits have a 1 year warranty.

BATTERIES; Li-Ion 1 Year
All Battery Chargers: 6 month
SLA Batteries; 90 days

NO WARRANTY without receipt.

NO WARRANTY when non-factory modifications are authorized by the customer.

NO WARRANTY on battery work performed by San Diego Electric Bike.

WARRANTY does not cover: Abuse from OFF Road Riding, Jumps, Rust, Neglect, Crash Damage, Theft, use of the Motor or Controller in an inappropriate application, or improper installation.

ONCE an eBike is picked up (operational) from the store after service or repair, "THERE IS NO GUARANTEE" how long it will run, therefore, San Diego Electric Bike ll not be held liable for any additional cost to repair or replace any failed components.

LABOR Rates are charged on Warranty Items 30 days after purchase. SHOP Labor Rate is $75 hr.

SHIPPING : The cost of shipping from and back to us is non-refundable. You can contact us before purchase to make sure the correct items were ordered.

RESTOCKING FEE: 20% will be applied to returned items.

EXCHANGES; may be exempt from the restocking fee depending on situation.

When your shipment arrives, please check carefully your shipment for any visible damage before signing the delivery. Any visible damage should be reported in the couriers log.

By obtaining service, repair, rental, or purchase of any item from San Diego Electric Bike, you indicate that you have read and understood the information above. This is a release of liability. I understand and agree with the terms above, and the assumption of risk.


California Assembly Bill AB-1096 has three electric bike ratings; read the link below for more information.

If you desire a 28mph bike to fall under the street legal rules (CLASS 3), it must have PAS (Speed Pedal Assist) installed at SD eBike for $199 (No Throttle).
CLASS "3" 28MPH eBikes are authorized on Calif streets 1 Jan 2016 if they have pedal assist (see CA Bill AB-1096 for full details).

Source: sdebike.com