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Electric Recumbent Bicycle

Electric Bicycles / July 14, 2020

Laid back Cycles is the largest supplier of Recumbent Electric Trikes in California.

Many people choose power assist (electric recumbent trike) to make their commute easier, eliminate the fear of running out of steam while on the trail, or to help give some extra power on those hills.

We provide the highest quality e-trike electric bike kit and recumbent trike combinations. Installed complete custom kit prices range from around $1999 and up based upon your needs and kit manufacturer (note that the kit does not include the trike, we can install on most any model trike).

Electric Recumbent Trikes Sacramento

We know you demand a trike / bike with the power for long range touring and the capability to climb the steepest hills.

BionX is the easiest and best way to electrify your ride! BionX e-bike systems attach easily to almost every recumbent trike we carry to give you a boost of electric assist when and where you need it. The BionX system is powerful enough that you will be able to tackle any hill or long distance with ease, yet light enough that your trike still feels smooth like a trike should.

Take a test ride there today! Visit one of our stores to try one out, (Sacramento Valley) 8137 Sunset Ave., Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Serving Sacramento, Bay Area and NorCal. Laid Back Cycles is your premier bike shop for recumbent trikes. Contact us at 916-304-2453