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Fastest Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycles / March 3, 2018


This bike is so intense. It moves fast. And then faster and faster. Faster than any other electric bike, reportedly, with quickly rising speed. One must be seriously adept, fearless, and full of love for the open air at breathtaking speed to use this bicycle. The bike is aerospace test grade, made with aluminum and titanium. In the test run shown on this film below, one sees the odometer of this bicycle go a bit past 75 miles per hour. The bike has a 2000w hybrid electric motor.

“We set out to redefine the market. We’ve challenged every element of what has come before. The result is the M55 Terminus – a hybrid e-bike that sets ticks every box for sustainability, endurance, effortless power and thrilling design.

Unmatched power and endurance

To increase range and performance, we’ve developed brushless electric motors driven by super-efficient batteries that deliver raw power and unbeatable endurance. The M55 Terminus is powered by eight battery cells ingeniously built into the bike’s self-supporting frame. The cells outperform any comparable e-bike technology currently available and are made to last – the M55’s motor draws only 60A at full power and our specialist manufacturer guarantees over 90% of ‘as new’ performance even after 1, 000 charge and discharge cycles. All this from a battery pack that charges to 80% of its capacity in just one hour –saving you time while conserving precious energy.

Hi-tech materials and engineering for the ultimate in agility

Titanium, carbon fibre and CNC-machined aluminium give our machines the strength to tackle the toughest terrain. And we’ve taken suspension and braking technologies from F1 racing to produce the ultimate in ride quality and off-road safety

A thrilling eco-design icon

The M55 Terminus rewrites the rules for e-bikes, the ultimate in engineering excellence and hybrid performance has stunning aesthetic appeal. Our muscular, futuristic design consciously aims to turn heads and quicken the pulse of every discerning enthusiast.

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