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Fastest Electric Bicycle Kit

Electric Bicycles / October 22, 2017

Rubbee Electric Bike Conversion in Seconds!After all, what’s worse than showing up for that all-important 9:30am meeting late than showing up on time but sweating like you just walked out from your workout routine? I’m fairly certain that sweat ranks higher, which is why electric bikes are gaining in popularity.

There are plenty of people who already own bicycles who have considered going electric. Do they have to dump that old pedal bike and save up for an electric bike? What about members of bike-share programs? Are they limited to foot power alone?

What if there was a quicker solution? Rubbee is a self-contained electric drive that can convert any standard bicycle into an electric bike in just about 30 seconds [fifteen seconds if you’re in a hurry]. It mounts on the seat post and uses a gas-charged strut to apply pressure to the rear tire. The internal battery pack charges in about 2hrs and delivers up to 15mph speed or 15mi range.

It’s not a cheap electric bike solution at about $1, 000, but where else can you get up to 15mph or 15mi range with a 30s install time? It certainly costs less than some of the more expensive options out there, like the Specialized Turbo e-Bike at around $7, 000. Also, since it can mount on practically any standard bicycle and it has an easy carry handle, you could even install it on your bike-share bike. Just don’t forget to take it with you when you return it.