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Long range Electric Bicycle

Electric Bicycles / February 15, 2020

For 2017, we’ve designed three different hybrid electric bike models, so you can pick the best electric bicycle for your needs: the sturdy electric commuter bike is ideal for long commutes and hill climbing, the high-performance electric bike is a great all-round choice for more recreational and rugged rides, and the off-road capable e-bike built with bulletproof components so that you have the freedom to ride even further. All models can be individually configured according to your riding preferences and come fully loaded with accessories.

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Highest Quality Components

Every element of our customized hybrid electric bicycle is designed or selected to be of the highest quality, from the proprietary premium aluminum alloy frames and the BionX drive system, to the removable battery case and the DC powered lights. These are just a few of the reasons why OHM bikes have been called “the Porsches of electric bikes”. With a range of accessories included as standard equipment, OHM is simply the best electric bicycle in terms of quality, backed by a three-year warranty.

Most Powerful Drive System

OHM hybrid electric bicycles help you climb hills more efficiently with a 50 Nm high-torque 500-watt BionX bike motor – with 1200W peak power. With four levels of pedaling support, the system intuitively senses your pedal pressure so that the motor can counter with the appropriate assistance. A throttle provides extra speed boosts. The intelligent lightweight drive system provides noise-free and vibration-free thrust, further increasing its efficiency and power.

Longer Battery Range

The lithium-ion battery offers extra long range— 20% more than NiMH versions. As a result, our bikes can go at least 50% further than other electric bicycles. This electric bicycle battery can last up to 80 miles (130 km) or two to five hours of riding on a single charge, without factoring in the extra battery life provided by regenerative braking. The built-in generator mode recuperates the braking energy and extends the range by up to 15%. With OHM, battery capacity will never restrict your ride.

Lighter Weight

OHM is one of the best electric bicycles on the market in terms of weight: On average, OHM bikes are 22-26.5 lbs (10-12 kg) lighter than most electric bicycles thanks to our lightweight aluminum alloy frame (only 5.5 lb or 2.5 kg), low center-mounted battery and the super-light SL BionX motor. Plus, the battery is removable, making our hybrid electric bicycles even easier to carry or lift onto a bike rack.

Source: ohmcycles.com