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Electric Bicycle Wheel Motor

Electric Karting / December 7, 2017

Our 250 Series BAFANG 8FUN LEED e-bike front hub motor is one of the best electric bike motors on the market. This motor can easily be used to convert your traditional bicycle into an electric bicycle! Order a motor separately if you need a replacement, so you don’t have to get another electric bike conversion kit to get your hands on one. This version of the motor is intended for your bike’s front wheel, which is the most efficient and useful option on most conversions.


This planetary-geared BLDC pulse width modulation (PWM) 250w 24v brushless hub motor only weighs six pounds, and it comes with an eight inch three-pin cable that is attached. The 8FUN motor has become the industry standard for performance and quality, and it has gained a well-earned reputation for enduring the most challenging trips.

Thanks to the brushless hub design, you can pedal free without resistance when the motor is not engaged. Comfortably pedal like you always have, and then engage the motor when you need help on those tough hills and long trips.

This e-bike front hub motor is quiet, powerful, and delivers plenty of torque. With the motor’s durable, reliable, and weather proof construction, you can rest assured that it will serve you on your journey. The motor is internally greased and fully sealed, and you can expect it to run maintenance-free for years.