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Electric Go-Kart Conversion

Electric Karting / October 13, 2020

Electric Factory Five 818

Your car can be part of the environmental solution, while still outperforming its fossil fueled old self. More speed, more torque and a range that is only limited by the number of batteries, the conversion from fossil fuel to electric drives your car into the future.

Push the limits with a custom made Factory Five 818 street legal electric sports car. 100% electric, build for the track, phenomenal on the road and impossible to overlook. Beat the 6 figure supercars in a zero to a hundred sprint!

  • 2 seater, mid-engine, rear wheel drive sports car
  • Choice between a 150 and a 200 Hp electric engine
  • Manual 5 speed gearbox or a direct drive
  • Removable hardtop or softtop convertible

No matter what brand of car, whether you want maximum speed, maximum torque or the best of both worlds, with a New Electric car conversion you can re-power your car and make it future proof for many years to come.

  • Drive trains available for all type of cars
  • All drive trains certified for EU regulations
  • Full service conversion or separate plug & play kit
  • Scalable battery pack to meet your range requirements

Whether you want to venture into the country, go offroad or commute to work, with the New Electric bike conversion you get a boost in power and a silent ride. Interested if your bike can be converted? Contact New Electric and find out!

  • Lightweight, high performance motors
  • Incredible and instant torque
  • Quiet, smooth and comfortable ride

Electric DirtbikeIs a factory stock go-kart not fast enough for you? Electric Go-karts accelerate faster, have more torque and have a higher top speed. A New Electric kart conversion is an upgrade every serious kart driver deserves. Don’t have a Go-Kart yet but are looking to get an electric new one? Contact us for more information.

  • Faster acceleration, more torque, higher top speed
  • Choice between fast charging or swappable battery pack
  • Do-it-yourself kit or race ready delivery

Electric Go KartThe New Electric vehicle drive trains can be bought as a complete unit, optimized for your intended use. We work with you to meet your projects mechanical and electrical requirements. All our electric drive trains are sold as drop in plug and play products.

  • Drivetrain optimized for power or for range
  • New Electric support with your retrofit
  • TUV certified to meet EU regulations

Do you have a fleet of vans, trucks, combines or other vehicles and you want to convert them to electric because its cheaper, more efficient and more sustainable than replacing your fleet? Become a New Electric partner and be eligible for subsidies. Please contact us for further information.

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Source: www.newelectric.nl