This Electric Go-Kart With 54 FT-LB of Torque Is Uncontrollably

Electric Go Kart Systems

Electric Karting / June 14, 2016

Electric and Gas Go Karts

The go kart world is changing rapidly. While we started with gas go karts in the early 1970's, and continued selling mainly gas go karts for the next 30 years, today 90+% of our new customers are choosing the Thunder Volt Electric go karts for their tracks, both indoors and outdoors.

Why? Because the ride experience is so much better for their customers. While the real reason you should choose electric go karts is ride efficency (more on that below), the performance of electric go karts are much better than gas models.

Electric go karts have much better low end torque so they takeoff much faster. Since the electric motors we use are a 20 hp gas equivalent motor capable of running 50+ mph, the electric karts power through turns that bog down gas go karts. Here is an example of how much better the ride is:

I had a prospect that visited the plant determined to save money by purchasing 12 gas go karts to operate in his little town of 10, 000 people. With this small market, I felt confident that in this unique situation he would not have to worry about competition and gas was a valid option for him. While he waited on his partner to ride the 9hp gas kart that he had just finished riding our our track here in Chattanooga, I told him he should try one of the Thunder Volt electric go karts we had sitting in the pit. After just one lap, he jumped out of the kart and exclaimed, "I've got to go electric! I will take less karts if I have to but that is just unbelievable!" The Thunder Volt Real Race is an immersive experience has the engine sound of a NASCAR race engine and seven other layers of sound for an experience of being in a real stock car race. However, the real reason everyone should go electric with their go karts is that they are way more profitable!

NEW! High Performance Race Karts

Looking for that amazing Race Kart experience? The new LIGHTNING not only has power to burn with proven speed of over 60+ mph, but it also has the amazing Thunder Volt Operating System. With the Thunder Volt operating system, you get the sounds of a real Race Car with the amazing performance of a high speed electric go kart.

The Thunder Volt electric operating system is the most labor and maintenance efficient electric go kart on the WORLD! Having operated FECs for over 50 years, we know that gross is good, PROFIT is much better. With the rising costs of minimum wage, minimizing labor costs without sacrificing service or safety is something you should pay close attention to on any attraction you purchase.

How do we do this? AUTOMATION

Everything from the telling the ride and safety instructions to charging the karts are done automatically. The Thunder Volt Track attendant has to push start to start the race and one of four race speeds. The rest is automatic including telling the drivers where to do when the race is over. All your attendant has to do is point where to park the karts as they come in the pit.

However, all electric go karts and go kart operating systems are not created equal. I have witnessed several indoor electric go kart tracks using competitor's karts and operating systems that are much more expensive to operate. Even they are only running 8 to 10 karts at a time, they require 10-15 attendants to operate their track per shift! Sometimes saving $500 per kart on the initial purchase can cost you $50, 000 to $100, 000 per year in extra labor costs for EVERY YEAR FROM NOW ON. NOT a savings!

We will show you how to avoid these simple mistakes. Our goal is to not only supply you with a superior product to blow away your competition but to help you make more PROFIT regardless of the size of your market or gross revenue!