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Electric Karting / March 23, 2018

Fresh Breeze 'XCitor' ParaTrikeThe Hangover SOS The Hangover SOS was founded with a vision to help the world live every day and every night to the fullest. SOS is a concentrated shot of vitamins, minerals and aminos to help you wake up feeling fresh and sharp every day, regardless of the night before. Why should a few beers leave you knocking on death's door?

Come and check it out for yourself!

Outdoors & Leisure Sample beer from Tortured Gum Brewery Tortured Gum's small batch beer is lovingly handcrafted using the highest quality natural brewing ingredients sourced from around the world. The beer we make is of the highest quality standard without any chemicals or preservatives ensuring that you will have the finest beer produced in Canberra.

Hitting the track at Power Kart RacewayYou can even try before you buy - drop in to the Tortured Gum Brewery stand to find your new favourite drop!

Outdoors & Leisure Fresh Breeze "XCitor" ParaTrike The Fresh Breeze "XCitor" is a two-seat ParaTrike (powered parachute) aircraft which is also a trailer that can be towed directly behind a car.

It is the sports car of powered parachute aircraft!

Outdoors & Leisure Recreational Aviation Australia's Flight Simulator Jeep from Jeep CityEnjoy the experience as Pilot in Command in a four seat Cessna 172 flight simulator!

A qualified instructor will guide you through your flight experience - even better, two of your family or friends can join in the simulator and watch you fly!

Outdoors & Leisure Special Rates for Power Kart Raceway - Feel the RUSH Canberra's very own world-class electric go kart centre. High torque fun on a F1-styled track. Chicanes, hairpins, straights and plenty of opportunity to get the heart racing with our latest generation of electric powered karts.

Stop by our stand during the expo for some exclusive Big Boys Toys attendee rates!

Autoland Vehicle Accessories Check out Jeep City for all your vehicular needs - lift kits, wheels, tyres, lightbars, recovery gear, Smittybilt accessories, Pro Comp suspension, UHF radios, Jeep merch, and more! Autoland RestorFX...
Tortured Gum Brewery RestorFX job by Wizard Paint Repairs Wizard Paint Repairs Total Action Sports

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