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Electric Powered Go Kart

Electric Karting / March 16, 2020

Milwaukee Go Kart Track is 1/10th Mile of Family Fun

Milwaukee Go Karting Experience the thrill of indoor go-kart racing at LightSpeed in Milwaukee!

We make your go kart racing experience unforgettable with eco-friendly go karts reaching speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and a specially designed 1/10th mile horseshoe-shaped go kart track.

The track features straight and narrow lengths to reach high speeds, and wider hairpin and elbow turns to help you overtake and show your friends who's got the best racing chops. Play your cards right, and you could go from last to first in under a minute.

Most go kart races last about 5 minutes with an average of 12-15 laps. Each kart is tracked by a computer system throughout the race, so you know the best lap times and the overall winner of the race.

Every go kart race at Lightspeed is a new adventure. You won’t find a more exciting go kart racing experience in Milwaukee than at Lightspeed.

Electric Go Karts are Adjustable and Safe, Perfect for the Whole Family

Electric go-karts have many advantages to the standard gas powered karts. LightSpeed go karts are top of the line, from their quiet, clean and smooth track ride to their instant acceleration. Our electric karts have another advantage: each and every kart has the same top speed and acceleration. Everything is the same. There is no “best car.” Go kart racing at Light Speed puts everyone on a level playing field, ensuring every driver has a blast.

Our state of the art go-karts are also very family friendly, providing a thrilling, yet safe activity for adults and children alike. Their top speed can be programmed to match your age group. We also have kiddie-karts that have a top speed of about 8-10 mph, and double carts for youngsters to ride with an adult.

Bumping the wall is no big deal—each go kart is fitted with strong bumpers, and the track is lined on each side with sturdy, collision-absorbing barriers. Your safety is our highest priority at Lightspeed.

Birthday Parties at Lightspeed in Milwaukee

Lightspeed Go Karts & Laser Tag accommodates birthday parties and more group events, including corporate events, fundraisers and field trips. We can even arrange a lock-in for you and your group, closing the facility to the public and ensuring you get as many cracks at the go kart track as you desire. After taking to the go kart track, move on to our unique, outer-spaced themed laser tag arena and back up your go karting victory with a few games of exhilarating laser tag.

Book your event at our conveniently located entertainment center on 27th street in Greenfield for a day of food, drink, go karting, laser tagging and birthday celebration today!

Source: www.lightspeedrocks.com