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Electric Ride on Go Kart

Electric Karting / July 20, 2017

Design Characteristics

There are several important features to consider before purchasing a go-kart. First of all, take into account your child's preferences as he or she might have seen some model in a park or at their friend's house and want exactly the same one. Of course, the kid's weight, age, and physical fit have to be taken into account as well. A design is the next point worth paying your attention to, as it influences the quality, durability, and lifespan of an electric go-kart. If your child wants to have a Buggy, pay attention to its frame. It should be made of firm steel tubes. Some models are designed with a roll cage that protects your child from damages in case a vehicle tips over. What's more a Buggy might be equipped with a rear suspension that ensures a comfortable ride on a rugged terrain. The feature that determines a Buggy's off-road performance is the wheels' size and texture. Thus, if you are going to ride on trail, grass, sand dunes or dirt the large wheels, and wide groove tires are preferable. As regards go-karts for drifting, drag racing, and recreation, they should have the racing slicks - tires which have a smooth tread. These go-karts are appropriate for oval tracks and go-cart tracks riding where steering and braking require maximum traction from each wheel. But we are talking about your child's thrilling race thus a go-kart would be perfect for riding near your own house! The manufacturers engineer the go-karts with the patented drift systems that are meant to provide maximally comfortable driving and full control over the vehicle. And finally, when speaking of a wheel drive, a chain driven motor is known to be one of the most reliable and simple to run and maintain.

Riding Performance

The next feature you should pay attention to is a go-kart's riding performance. First of all, consider the maximal speed a vehicle reaches and check this figure against your kid's age and "driving skills". It is quite important since the best option for kids under 10 years is an electric go-kart that makes up to 9-12 MPH. Such speed ensures outstanding feelings and driving experience while also guarantees your child's safety. Children from 10 to 13 years old can ride a kart capable of reaching the speed of 15 MPH. Also, consider the runtime of a go-kart. This figure hinges on the accumulator capacity the kart is fitted with. Generally, all the electric go-karts offer 40-50 minutes of ride on a single charge. The last but not the least feature is the maximum load of a go-kart, thus choose the model that is proper for your kid's weight.


Since the main go-kart's users group is preteens and teens you should never forget about their safety. During off-road driving or while stunting there is always a risk of accidental injury. Therefore, pay attention to how well the frame is jointed or welded. In case an electric go-kart requires assembling you should follow the instruction strictly and fix all the details firmly to avoid accidental breakage that may lead to kid's injury. The next thing that guarantees safety while racing and great control over the vehicle is a high-quality and reliable braking system. Commonly, off-road karts are designed with the disk brakes that are marked for their reliability during trail riding. While the electric go-karts for drag racing and recreation on the roads or tracks are generally equipped with the drum brakes (since these karts are more lightweight than a Buggy or off-road kart). It is preferable if a kart comes with a seatbelt for added safety of a young racer and flags that offer you an ability to have your kid always in view. Finally, opt for a crash helmet and protection pad for racing since there is always a risk that even a very careful child may accidently get injured.

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