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Vehicles / July 30, 2021

Bradshaw offers a wide range of electric tow tractors for multiple applications such as airport baggage handling and waste movement, towing anything from 800kg to heavy duty tow tractors towing up to 25, 000kg.

The range includes the T800 tow tractor, a sturdy, four-wheel electric vehicle that can tow up to 8, 000kg, designed to make baggage movement more efficient, suitable for leading a train of baggage trollies or a baggage trailer. The T800 from Bradshaw has great maneuverability and comes in several options, including a cab with lockable slam metal doors.

Bradshaw’s heavy duty electric tow tractors are not only efficient but they are powerful and fast. The T1200 tow tractor can tow up to 12, 000kg and the newly developed T2500, designed specifically for the airport industry, can tow up to 25, 000kg. The new heavy duty electric tow tractor features a lower, flat deck for load carrying, together with visible tow hitch, as well as full suspension in the driver’s seat.

All of our electric tow tractors feature individual braking systems including electronic regenerative braking under deceleration, and safety features such as emergency stop button and safety seat cut out.