Hydra Gator: US$60, diesel-electric hybrid amphibious vehicle

Electric Amphibious Vehicle

Vehicles / January 21, 2021

Multi Amphibious VehicleAccording to CT&T, the MAV goes 40 mph on land and 95 mph on water. The water speed figure seems a bit implausible, however. Gizmag believes that something was lost in translation and the vehicle actually just goes 10 mph on water. That’s still nothing to sneeze at for a car, but it won’t lead to any NASCAR-type races at the local lake.

Still, a spokesperson for the U.K.’s Environmental Transport Association speculates, “If urban cars evolve into electric vehicles with the performance, weight and fuel efficiency similar to that of a golf buggy then the
ability for a commuter to adapt their route to take in a river untroubled by traffic congestion, or to take to the roads in spite of snow, would be sensible.” Sure, but do we really want to clog up our rivers with cars that are trying to avoid traffic?

CT&T also introduced some land-based vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show, including the three-door E-Zone plus and the C-Squared, a $50, 000 two-seater “creative electric sports car” with a top speed of 95 mph–on land, natch.

Multi Amphibious Vehicle Multi Amphibious Vehicle

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Source: www.fastcompany.com