EM-Simulations of Electrical Vehicles Built of Lightweight

Electrical Vehicles

Vehicles / October 8, 2020

Automobiles, above all else, represent America's addiction to dirty oil. Plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), which require no gasoline and emit no pollution from their tailpipes, present a critical opportunity to slash pollution, reduce our dependence on oil, create American jobs, and improve national security. To drive this change, the Sierra Club has launched a national campaign to promote electric vehicles—just as new EV models are hitting the roads.

The Facts

Each year, American passenger cars and trucks burn 121 billion gallons of gasoline and spew upwards of 3 trillion pounds of carbon pollution into the air. These emissions are from both the vehicle tailpipes and the "upstream" emissions from extracting, refining, and transporting the oil to our vehicles. Our dangerous dependence on oil has resulted in catastrophes like the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and every day, we send more than $500 million abroad to pay for oil, increasing our national debt and dependence on many nations hostile to our policies.

Source: content.sierraclub.org