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Personal Electric Vehicles

Vehicles / December 22, 2019

If you’re the observant type, you may have noticed a slight shift recently in the way people commute in the big cities (I didn’t, someone had to point it out to me). You may have been crossing a sky-bridge only to catch site of someone whizzing close by you at about 20 mph. Here at the Big Fish offices, we think that personal portable devices (personal Portables? Personal Electric Vehicles? Mobile Motorized thingies?) are the “Next Big Thing” and soon we’ll be surrounded by folks scurrying around on their own motorized wheels.

Now, you may be thinking, “That’s what they said about the Segway and we all know what kind of people use those.” That’s certainly what I thought. Let me assure you, the new devices that have been popping up all over the place are infinitely sleek. It’s no longer a question of whether you’ll look cool on an electric device, it’s which is the very coolest.

Should I be excited about these devices?

The way I see it, if you fall into the following categories, you should be excited. And if you don’t, well you probably will be excited anyway.’


Why? If you’re like me (and doesn’t everyone want to be like me?), you spend far too much of your life in a car, stuck in traffic. Two hours to go two miles is two hours too long. Some of these devices can trip along at up to 25MPH and can travel 20 miles between charges. If your commute isn’t terribly far, and you aren’t afraid of the tiny possibility you might dent your skull in a spill (helmets everyone!), you should definitely consider a device of your very own.


Collectively, personal cars and trucks are responsible for 1/5 of all US emissions. How can we solve this? Easy! Invest in your own electric skateboard or rocket skates. Take your car-sized footprint and make it smaller.

Tech Geek Early Adopters

As I was researching, I kept expecting to see “Coming in 2025″, or “coming soon!”, but these sci-fi-resembling/space-age devices are already available. People, I’m happy to tell you: the future is here!

And as such, there’s no need to explain why early adopters should be excited about this tech. And why they are.

College Students

Many college students are a combination of all of these, plus a hefty supply of heavy books (like human-shaped a math equation). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we saw many more of these personal portables zipping around college campuses by next year.


Here are the Personal Electric Vehicles that caught OUR eyes here at Big Fish.

Rocket Shoes (By Action)

Range: 6-10 miles (model dependent)
Speed: 12 mph max
Weight: 7 pounds
User weight: 275 max
Price: $500 – $700
I put Rocket Shoes on this list because, well, they’re ROCKET SHOES. They’re like rollerskates had babies with 2000 cups of coffee. Also, they come in red which is my favorite color. Plus, they are the cheapest item on the list (So I can almost imagine exchanging money for goods).

You control the speed of the skates with your heels. Heel up equals higher speeds. Heel down means slow down. If you want to stop suddenly, just smoothly jump onto your toes (though how you avoid falling on you’re face, I’m not certain).

Solo Wheel – Classic (By Inventist)

Weight: 24 pounds
Range: ~10 miles
Speed: Up to 10mph
User weight: 220 max
Price: $1, 495.00

The Solowheel is possibly the least cool appearing device on the list (somewhat resembling the dreaded Segway), but it is completely hands-free and totally maneuverable. You control it by shifting your weight and adjusting the angle of your feet and lower legs. According to the creators, Inventist, no one has failed to learn how to operate the devices within about an hour. This is reassuring to one as uncoordinated as I have the pleasure of being.

E-Go Skateboard (By Yuneec)

Weight: 14 pounds
Price: $699
Speed: ~12 MPH
Range: 18 miles
User weight:~220 Max

The E-Go Skateboard is what we’ve been experimenting with here at Big Fish. As you can see from the video, there’s a bit of a learning curve but we’ve had a lot of fun!

You control the speed of the board with a handheld, wireless, controller. The craziest thing about riding the E-Go Skateboard was how easily you could rid uphill. It’s also odd that you can slow down when riding down hill. It feels counterintuitive to have so much control on wheely-things while heading down-hill. But, With the remote, you do have complete control.

“I feel terminally hip now!” ~ Lauren (Blog contributor) after a ride on the E-Go Skateboard:

Check out our adventures in a fancy video:

Onewheel (By Future Motion)

Speed: 12MPH Max
Range: 4-6 miles
Weight: 25 pounds
User weight: 275 Max
Price: $1499.00

Upon first glance, the Onewheel is the oddest appearing electric device. It resembles a futuristic cross between a teeter-totter, a tire swing and a hover board. However, it also appears to be one of the more powerful devices, taking on many different terrains and plowing over many obstacles in its path. It utilizes a lean-to-go technology. If you lean forward it goes more quickly and if you lean back, it slows down.

“I MUST have one of these in my life RIGHT NOW.” ~ Jessica (Marketing Specialist) upon viewing a video of the Onewheel

The Onewheel was launched through a Kickstarter back in 2014. The campaign surged past 6 times passed the goal of $100, 000 reaching $630, 000 and proving once and for all that electric devices are in demand and here to stay.

If that wasn’t enough fun, here’s a full video of McDivot and his beloved skateboard.Custom art created by Seattle Artist Heath Cecere.

Source: www.bigfishgames.com