SDG&E Gets Approval To Install Thousands of Electric Vehicle

SDG&E Electric Vehicle

Vehicles / July 20, 2021

Electric Vehicle Day, hosted by San Diego Gas & Electric in the Think Blue Eco Center, will take place on Friday, December 30. Representatives from San Diego Gas & Electric will provide information on special low electricity rates available to electric vehicle drivers, including a series of EV101 talks from the SDG&E stage (see schedule below). Attendees will see numerous types of pure EV, plug-in and other models available on the market today and find that there is, in fact, an EV for every type of driving need. Learn about state and federal tax credits for electric vehicles, as well as the fact that these drivers can drive in the carpool lane – with just one person!

The California Center for Sustainable Energy will be on site to provide information on EVs, charging stations, and virtually everything you’d need to know to own an electric vehicle. Questions about the future of EVs and Hybrids? This is your place to be.

Also, representatives from Think Blue will provide educational information about protecting and improving water quality and reducing flood risk through efficient storm water management.