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Small Electric Utility Vehicles

Vehicles / November 17, 2019

farm electric utility vehiclesAlkè electric utility vehicle is used in farms, nurseries, greenhouses and vineyards. The reason of this spreading is the fact that farm utility vehicles have great performances with very compact dimensions and also one of the greatest towing capacity.

Utility vehicles with electric motor

Alke ATX 230E electric vehicle off road version for use in the countryside

ALKE' ATX utility vehicles are used in:

In agricolture, during last years, people have passed from the use of big tractors to the use of small and efficient farm utility vehicles.
The world of agriculture has changed, now they tend to use specialized vehicles with small dimensions and in several cases with electric engine. Alkè electric utility vehicles indeed are among the few that can be used in agriculture because they have an extremely robust chassis derived from off-road ATX. In the presence of dirt roads and challenging climbs of the order of 35% Alkè presents the new ATX230E the first electric vehicle specially designed for off-road use: such vehicle has a mechanical ratio more reduced compared to the ATX210E and a differential unit which is ideal for loads of the order of 1000 kg to chassis.apple tree electric vehicles The most suitable configuration depends mainly on the final work that the vehicle has to do. Ask yourself in wich situation you intend to use the ATX (on light or dirt off-road with very challenging climbs, open spaces or confined spaces, on flat or mountainous grounds ...).

apple tree electric vehicles

Try to understand the distance that you want to cover in one day (up to 70-100 km electric versions are the right choice, if you have to cover bigger distances you have to chose electric vehicles with a removable set of batteries). Even the cab with or without doors are often shown to be useful.
Remember, you can assemble and disassemble the door in few minutes, so you can be protected in winter, but it may also be open during spring and summer. The same is true for other options such as rear people-carrier module or steel mesh sides: you need just a few minutes to apply them to your ATX vehicle.

Source: www.alke.com