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Vehicle Electronics

Vehicles / May 10, 2020

A wide variety of Car Electronics are available to meet your mobile entertainment needs, from Bluetooth accessories, amplifiers, speakers and GPS navigation, satellite radio, radar detectors and onboard camera systems.

Headunits and Receivers

Yesterday’s car audio choices pale in comparison to the current batch of products available on the market. You can depend on Newegg to help guide you through the buying process. For aftermarket head units, features like Bluetooth and USB connectivity are a must. Advance features like Android and Apple CarPlay smartphone compatibility can transform your car into a mobile communication hub with the hands-free feature and the ability to use Google Maps/Apple Maps right on your in-dash monitor.

Car Audio

Today’s high end speakers and subwoofers utilize exotic materials such as Kevlar and Diamond to produce the cleanest sound possible. When spec’ing out your system don’t forget about the tweeter speakers. These speakers may be small but they will help enhance the treble frequencies in your music.

Next to consider would be amplifiers and crossovers to enhance your car audio system. Amplifiers are a great way to boost the power level especially if you are upgrading to more powerful speakers and subwoofers. Crossovers will help to separate your low’s, mid’s and high-range frequencies and get the right sounds out to your tweeters, subs and mid-range speakers.

Onboard Cameras

Another innovation in car electronics are onboard cameras. Dash cams and backup cams are becoming the norm on the modern highway and not only help you safely park and monitor your vehicle but can also be used as evidence in case of an accident to determine fault. Some important features to look for in these cameras include:

  • Resolution (SD, HD 720p vs. 1080p)
  • Camera viewing angle (Standard vs. Wide angle)
  • Mounting positions (Dash, Bumper, Rearview mirror)
  • Power source (Hard-wired vs. Battery)
  • Continuous loop recorder
  • GPS-enabled