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Electric Bicycle Folding

Electric Bicycles / January 11, 2021

If you’ve been considering an electric bike but need it to be easily portable, you’ll be pleased to hear that the variety of folding electric bikes on the market has recently increased dramatically.

The market leader – Brompton – have yet to join the powered up revolution, but it’s common knowledge that they’ve got one in the making. You’ll just have to wait a bit longer for that.

If you’re on the lookout now, we’ve rounded up the best on the market. These models are perfect for those who fancy an electronic boost to their commute, but need to take the train at some point, or those who simply want a bike that’s less trouble to store in the home.

A-Bike Electric Folding Bike

Brought to market via a Kickstarter campaign, this electric folding bike is probably the most superhuman looking of the bunch. The battery is just 138W, but it’s the size of a water bottle, drastically reducing the weight of the overall bike to just 12kg. A dual chain drive keeps the pedalling feeling as close as possible to a ‘normal bike’, despite the teeny tiny wheels. Possibly one that’s got to be tried to be believed.

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