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Foldable Electric Bicycle Singapore

Electric Bicycles / January 16, 2021

Riding Performance

The next feature you should pay attention to is a go-kart's riding performance. First of all, consider the maximal speed a vehicle reaches and check this figure against your kid's age and "driving skills". It is quite important since the best option for kids under 10 years is an electric go-kart that makes up to 9-12 MPH. Such speed ensures outstanding feelings and driving experience while also guarantees your child's safety. Children from 10 to 13 years old can ride a kart capable of reaching the speed of 15 MPH. Also, consider the runtime of a go-kart. This figure hinges on the accumulator capacity the kart is fitted with. Generally, all the electric go-karts offer 40-50 minutes of ride on a single charge. The last but not the least feature is the maximum load of a go-kart, thus choose the model that is proper for your kid's weight.

Traffic stats

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