Electric Go Kart

Electric Go Karting

Electric Karting / February 21, 2018

OTL Italy’s electric go-karts, specifically designed for rental and electric propulsion, are the perfect example of an entirely Italian-made product.
Strong, reliable and ergonomically comfortable, these karts offer both optimal performance and safety. The modern Italian design and the extremely low maintenance costs, when compared to traditional fuel-powered karts, make them stand out.

OTL supplies vehicles that run on traditional batteries (for up to 15 minutes of autonomous operation) and on lithium/polymer batteries, which provide a longer autonomy (up to 60 minutes), but it is experimenting with other types of technology that could improve performance.
The frames are designed to last over time without deformations, thanks to the differential on all models (excluding on the Junior kart) that prevents the frame from being vertically deformed in curves.

The disk brakes are self-ventilating and the chain drive transmission is fully covered by the kart’s body, which is made with an extremely resistant material to improve safety. The differential, reverse gear and stop switch guarantee simple and smooth handling on the track no matter the situation. All vehicles can be remote-controlled individually or in a group; with a remote control that has 5 positions (a stop switch and 4 speeds) and allows track operators to have full control over a race.

Source: otlkart.com